All-in-one solution for your governance needs

While the physical and digital world are intertwined, governance and participation has not adapted to this new scenario.

Vocdoni provides a secure voting system, and the necessary tools to easily manage your collective and focus on what matters: your social mission.

A secure tool to boost participation

A governance platform with a built-in secure and anonymous voting system


Participation at your fingerprints

Designed with the user experience in mind to reduce participation barriers

Frictionless participation

Organize lightning or complex voting processes such as participatory budgets.

Reliable communications

A verifiable news system to connect with your social base with mobile push notifications.

Privacy-centric user managment

Everything happening in Vocdoni is privacy-centric by default. So you don't have to worry on that.

Integrated payment services

Collect member's fees or receive donations. Coming soon

early access program

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A user-centric identity system

Vocdoni has a built-in identity system to interact with your entire social base



Participation is key to healthy collectives. But when an organization gets bigger, is complicated to involve all your members.

meet your collective needs


Provide an identity to your citizens to connect with them and start building public issues together.


Keep your members up to date, raise funds and become a smart organization!


Boost your internal democracy, from quick surveys to Annual General Meetings.


Create better relationships with customers and organize your shareholders meetings.

Connect with your members

Keep your members up-to-date and get signalling to take informed decisions

A global participation ecosystem

Vocdoni is an ethical platform to keep up to date and participate in collectives that matter.


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Plans & Pricing

We want to democratize secure digital voting. This is why we are implementing a fair billing policy that allows you to use our platform free of cost or to pay according to your collective needs.

Early Access program

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