Vocdoni is now part of Aragon

Aragon Association has acquired Dvote Labs OÜ, the company behind the design and development of Vocdoni’s digital voting protocol and Vocdoni Platform. Thanks to this movement our goal of offering a universally verifiable, affordable, anonymous and anti-censorship digital voting to the entire world population gets closer.

Our development roadmap remains intact and our software will be kept licensed as free open source software. Both projects will work on leveraging the potential of bringing the two technologies together.


The easy, accessible and secure governance platform powered by Vocdoni voting technology.

Vocdoni’s voting technology has already been used to secure thousands of votes, and now it is time to ensure that any organization can benefit from this technology.

This is where Vocdoni Platform comes into play: a privacy-centric governance platform that provides secure voting, reliable communications and the necessary tools to coordinate your collective.

Vocdoni Platform is designed for organizations of any type: city councils, cooperatives, companies, grassroots movements or associations.

Starting February 2021, join the waiting list to know more!


Vocdoni’s technology leverages on zk-SNARKs to enable fully anonymous voting, IPFS and libp2p for ensuring data availability and an anti-censorship protocol communication. This technology is also the base for a layer-two, specific voting purpose blockchain named Vochain for accounting ballots transparently.

This digital voting technology has already been used to secure official AGMs, elections and polls with more than 185.000 eligible voters.

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