Broken democracy

Voting is the difference between citizen and subject. It expresses the consent of the governed, and their political will.

Whether selecting leaders or determining public policy, there can be no free and fair society without free and fair elections.

Yet we have seen the apparatus of both corporation and state wielded in order to intimidate, to censor, and to otherwise degrade the democratic process.

It is vital for our collective future that we build and employ voting systems that are as resilient as possible against manipulation and corruption.

A decentralized voting system

Cryptography and distributed p2p systems have brought a new, revolutionary digital technology which might change the way society organizes: the BLOCKCHAIN.

Vocdoni is a fully verifiable, censorship-resistant, and anonymous Ethereum-based voting system, designed with the scalability and ease-of-use to power national elections.

How does it work?

For a detailed understanding of Vocdoni, take a look at the documentation


Blockchain technology makes it fully transparent, verifiable and reslient to censorship.

Soverign identity

Digitaly signed claims to decentralized identities ensures census integrity and user ownership about its data


100% of the code is public and open-source. So you can audit it, improve or replicate it.


Zero Knowledge proof cryptography allows for absolute voting privacy, while still making it verifiable

The road there

There is a long-way ahead in order to achieve this dream. You can help us get there! :)

Thanks to private donors we are moving fast. We now have an awesome team working on Vocdoni full-time.

If you would like to collaborate with a little ETH, you can do it as well via the Giveth Campaign


Or take a look at the code and ask for anything we can help on +vocdoni:matrix.org or by subscribin to our mailing list.


  • Project starts    ✓
    Research and architecture design
    March 2018
  • Proof of concept test    ✓
    +20.000 users participation
    June 2018
  • White paper draft released    ✓
    Re-design and architecture consolidation
    October 2018
  • MVP development starts    ✓
    Technical design specification finalized
    Team expansion
    November 2018
  • MVP milestone 1    ✓
    Identity and census
    February 2019
  • MVP milestone 2
    Anonymous voting
    April 2019
  • MVP release
    Feedback and consolidation
    May 2019
  • Final design specification
    Development starts
    June 2019
  • Release Candidate
    Decentralized, censorship-resistant voting is now for everyone! :)
    January 2020