From local to nation-state governments.


Easily organize referendums with the maximum guarantees.


Upgrade to digital tamper-proof elections.


Don't let COVID-19 disrupt democratic governance and upgrade to digital secure voting.

local elections

Engage your broader community and receive signalling regarding your company or products from employees, consumers, suppliers, investors or users.

start using vocdoni

Don't let COVID-19 disrupt your governance and upgrade to digital.


Endless voting combinations

Multiple voting types (Simple, Proxy, Quadratic, etc), with encrypted or public scrutiny.


An all-in-one solution to cover all your governance needs: census management, users rights, processes, communication & payments.

Multiple authentication channels

Easily authenticate your members via email / sms / documental / biometric / on-site authentication.

Unstoppable communications

Verifiable cryptographically secured censorship-resistant content publishing, with push-notifications.

unlimited census size

Don't worry about complicated pricing structures. No matter how many members you have, we've got you covered.

Real Time Results

Choose whether you want to see results as the voting moves forward or to publish the results at the end.


Check & share the results in real-time through your Manager.

Real time turnout

Consult voter turnout on real time so you can act in case turnout does not meet your objective.