the vocdoni stack

Vocdoni is a stack of state-of-the-art technologies that allow a permissionless, trustlesssecure and resilient digital governance.

Opensource and auditable by anyone. 


vocdoni wallet

Mobile App for Identity and Fintech management for end users.

vocdoni Manager

A privacy centric user management CRM for organizations.




Our own-developed blockchain optimized for voting. 


The doors to the decentralized trustless infrastructure.

Vocdoni ID

An identity wallet with a built-in consensual data sharing protocol. Share only what you want, when and whom you want.

Vocdoni Wallet

The best of Centralized and Decentralized Finances

fintech wallet

Vocdoni manager

A multiplatform all-in-one solution to cover all organization's digital governance needs with a privacy centric user management CRM.


Our own-developed blockchain optimized for voting. Scalable to milions of votes per hour.

Vocdoni gateways

The doors to a trully decentralized trustless infrastructure resilient to election interference and censorship.

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