Digital Governance at your fingertips

Don’t let COVID-19 disrupt your organization governance. Securely organize your participation processes in a secure, verifiable and fully compliant way.

All-in-one solution to boost your digital governance

Plan your participative processes, notify your members, manage the census, vote securely through your smartphone and receive the results automatically.

Verifiable Digital Participation

Meet all internal and legal requirements for your digital governance

private & Secure voting

We use blockchain and advanced cryptography so you can guarantee process authenticity from the first to the last step of your governance.

tamper-proof communications

Send notifications, upload documents and post your tamper-proof agenda to make sure everyone receives the right information on time.

Privacy centric & gdpr compliant

Our privacy-centric technology allows you to comply with GDPR regulations. Organizations and users own their data. We don't monetize it.

Guarantee participation rights for all your members

Digital voting can be a challenge for certain people. Allow everybody to participate regardless of their technological expertise through a user-friendly & intuitive mobile app.

From preparation to execution

Our solution adapts to most of the digital governance needs of companies and organizations and facilitates increased participation!

Manage your entity

And much more...

A lot of tools for your organization life

Organization profile

A profile of your organization with which it will be much easier for you to channel new member registrations. Turn supporters into full members at the click of a button!

News & notifications

Stay in touch with your organization members during all the year with our news feed system and push notifications


Create participatory processes on anything from participatory budgets to simple surveys. With the highest security standards.


Know what your members or costumers think about anything. Receive signalling and involve them in the design of your organization and products.

Finances (coming soon)

Receive donations, collect membership fees or organize crowdfundings.


reimagining governance