Vocdoni is the only trustless end-to-end universally verifiable anonymous voting system in the world

secure anonymous digital voting, finally solved

We’ve developed the most secure and frictionless digital voting system in existence. 


No need to trust in any third party, just trust the maths! Everyone on the planet can verify the integrity of any process.


Cutting edge Zero-knowledge Proof technology for ensuring your vote always remains private


Voting is a basic human right. For the first time ever, there's universal access to enforce it.


Voting infrastructure can be contributed trustlessly and anonymously.


From a smartphone, even low-end devices.


Everyone can audit our code and act as an independent verifier.



Voting with Vocdoni


Using the platform

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A sovereign governance toolkit

Vocdoni offers the tools necessary for secure digital voting, for both collectives and end users. Organizations can use our voting technology either via a hosted solution or via API.

Vocdoni manager

A multiplatform manager with an all-in-one solution for your organization’s digital governance.

user segmentation

Create or import censuses, mailings or define permissions based on any attribute

multi-channel authentication

Biometric, email/phone, presential, documental, automated.

Flexible voting configuration

Delegated / Quadratic / Real-time results... Multiple question types.


Check process integrity, real-time results, analytics.

Unstoppable Communications

Cryptographically secured, and censorship-resistant content

Vocdoni APP

An identity wallet for voting

Vote & participate

Cast your votes, verify that it has been registered, and see the results.

Identity verification

Identity verification through through different means.

User and privacy-centric

Participate in multiple orgs within a single place with your digital identity. Fine-tune who access to your information and why, with our consensual data sharing protocol GDPR-compliant by default Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) Management ​

1-click onboarding

Register and authenticate easily and check census inclusion.

meet your collective needs

Covid-19 has forced the entire world to re-think how to move from analog to digital. Digital transformation should not be seen as pain but an opportunity to make your organization more efficient and connected.

Vocdoni has been designed as a tool that adapts to your own processes without in the way your organization works.

PUBLIC administrations

  • Participatory budgets
  • Public polls
  • Open proposal box


  • Board Elections
  • Private Polls
  • Annual General Meetings

Cooperatives AND COMPANIES

  • Survey your members and make informed decisions
  • Annual General Meetings


  • Governance Proposals
The government of Catalonia has selected Vocdoni as a case study of the "Blockchain Strategy of Catalonia", for successfully implementing a universally verifiable voting system based on decentralized identity & focused on UX and accessibility from smartphones.
Vocdoni has been selected by NGI-LEDGER among another 16 human-centric projects to enter the Venture Builder programme and receive up to € 200k equity free.
NGI Ledger
Horizon 2020 Programme
The commitment to Vocdoni has been clear, as from Òmnium Cultural we opted for a secure and verifiable voting system that would allow us to hold our statutory meetings with full guarantees to the more than 180,000 members who make up our organization.
Anna Giralt
Communication Head at Omnium Cultural

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hosted solution

For those who want and easy, plug-n-play solution